Customer Support Center



Network Monitoring Department


The Customer Support Center monitors the network on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week for all mada wireless network customers.


In this department, network errors are continuously monitored such as hardware failures, protocol violations, access line failures, link failures and software alarms. This is achieved by using a Remote Link Administration Tool. The system is built on a database and SNMP communication stack that administers, configures and monitors fundamental aspects of the wireless network. The system is built with various features including audible and visual alarms in case of network faults either at the client’s site or through the switch. All faults are automatically logged into the system and the supervisor is obligated to notify the Engineering Department that will deploy engineers to rectify the faults at hand.


Call Center

Alongside the Network Monitoring Department is the Call Center Department. The primary role of this branch is to act as the direct interface between non-corporate clients and all other departments within mada.


Service Allocation Department

This department monitors the available bandwidth at each BTS. When potential clients call, the department checks for service availability in the customer’s area. The system used for this process is a plug-in customer installation module that interfaces directly with the network planning tool. This ensures real-time information is viewed.




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